Friday, October 20, 2006



Blogger Vick D'Mental said...

The actions of that pig are completely obscene. But we live in a police state now. The pigs can determine the extent of our liberties. The pigs will interpret what is and is not to be considered art. The pigs will decide what is appropriate to wear and what is inappropriate.

The pigs are in our schools now, enforcing "rules" that once were determined by teachers, principals, and superintendents. The pigs are a constant presence in the lives of our children from grades K through 12. The pigs are telling our kids not to run in the hallways, not to pull pranks, and not to wear various articles of clothing and jewelry. Is it unreasonable to assume that, given this trend, it will someday be conceivable that the pigs will be telling our teachers what to teach? When will the day be that the domain of civil authority extends into the inviolable laws of science and mathematics? Has the day already arrived? Has some knowledge already been labeled 'dangerous' to our young even though it is scientifically valid?

We have stepped onto the slippery slope, brothers. We are living at the dawn of a new dark age in America. If the pigs can already stop the free expression of ideas, then we must recognize that soon they will be able to arrest the very process of ideation itself.

Ideas are dangerous. The state does not want you to think. Silence is approval. Approval is compliance.

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