Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm free

My very conservative father came to the jail to post bond and get me out with $1,000 cash a good friend was generous enough to lend. This was about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. I was officially booked around 1 a.m.
Wasn't sure what to expect since he didn't really know why I was arrested. When signing the final papers to be released, I could see my father in the waiting room and didn't know how to interpret the look on his face. Then he disappeared. After putting my shoelaces back in and signing the final paper I walked out the door to the waiting room. My dad was still there, playing the part of his son who is obsessed with documenting life. He quickly snapped a my photo as I stepped through th door.

I suggested another photo outside the jail and he suggested I pose in front of a cop car out front (I'm sure the officer in the car was a little confused). Later found out the 'exit photo' was Rob's suggestion. Good thinkin' Potosky.

I believe the charge was 'Interference with public duties,' a Class B Misdemeanor, according to the 79th Legislature, is punishable by:
- Confinement up to 180 days
- Fine not to exceed $2,000
- Can be conjunct (that would suck)
(thanks for that data Kelly)


Blogger Anitachilechingon said...

Sorry about waht happen to you and all the others at the show. Having been in jail myself (ehem, traffic warrants) I would have liked to see that pic your dad took of you leaving the jail and near the cop car. Your dad rocks, my dad did the same for me:o) Maybe we should swap pics. BTW I live near Walter's I heard the helicoptors that night but that's not unusual for our area. But that's a first on being out for an incident like this.

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