Sunday, October 15, 2006


Not by the book: Officer's hand to Adam's head who is knocked down onto Tyson. Clip ends as officer decides he didn't want his rage recorded on video. Camera crashes to the floor.

No way out: Officer forces me to the back of the room. He is telling me to sit down but charges at me so quickly and aggressively with one arm out like he was going to strike me and the Taser in is other extended hand that I never had a chance to sit down. I was quickly forced back onto a pile of things, including a 90-year-old upright bass, which broke into several pieces.

Chasin' and Tasin': Officer decides he has messed with me enough. Stands there for a few, Tasers a guy, Then decides to go after someone else, knocking a young girl into the bar and tasing her father and 14-year-old brother while chasing Adam around -- continuing to scare the crap out of everyone.

Though it should have been the officer and not me behind bars, let us not forget that one ‘bad cop’ doesn’t mean they all are -- though there are certainly others. The male/female officers who drove Andrew and me downtown were pretty cool. One guard at the jail in particular had a number of inmates laughing at times and seemed to have a great solution for dealing with the out-of-control fool in cell 2 who flooded the place with toilet water.


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